How To Upload Your Website Using Filezilla

  • Posted on: 29 January 2017
  • By: sescho

Download Filezilla

First visit and download the client. Filezilla is available for Windows 64bit & 32bit, Linux and Mac.

Filezilla website screenshot

Install Filezilla

Execute the file you just downloaded and follow the instructions given by the program.

Start Filezilla

Startup Filezilla through the shortcut or the start menu

Filezilla Desktop Icon

Setup server

  • Start the server manager
  • filezilla server manager
  • press "New Site" and enter a name for your new connection
  • Insert the address of your ftp server in the fiels "Host"
  • You don't have to insert the port. The standart port will be used. If your ftp servr doens't run on the normal port you have to enter it into the port field.
  • Choose "normal" as logon type
  • Insert your username and password in the corresponding fields
  • Click "OK" to save your new ftp connection or press "Connect" to instantly connect to the server
  • filezilla new connection

Connect to server

If you are not connected already, it's time to connect to the server via the connection you just created.

To connect either use the server manager or press the small arrow next to the server manager icon and select the server to connect to.

filezilla connect to server

Change remote directory

Now browse to the remote directory you want to upload your website to.

filezilla change remote directory

Select the files to upload

On the left side choose the files or directories to upload. Right click on it and select "Upload" to upload the files immediately or choose "Add file to queue" to add the files to the upload queue.

The upload queue is useful if you want to upload multiple files from multiple directories at once. This is helpful when updating a live website.

filezilla add to queue

Upload Files

If you choose to add the files to the upload queue it is time to start the upload. Right click on the queue window and select "Process Queue" to start uploading your files.

Filezilla start process queue

You are done

The files should be uploaded to your server now. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.