How To Upload An Image To Imgur

  • Posted on: 27 January 2017
  • By: sescho


First visit

imgur website

Log In (optional)

To organize and categorize your pictures it is a good idea to register an account at imgur.

press "New post"

To start uploading your image file press the button "New post" on the top navigation bar.

Choose Upload method offers you multiple ways to upload your pictures. Upload local files via drag &drop or the file manager. You can also upload files from remote locations with the url.

imgur upload screen

  • Press Browse button to select local to upload
  • Drag and drop the image to upload into the browser window
  • Insert the url to upload a remote file

Congratulations you uploaded your first image to imgur - Now what?

After uploading the image you have option to edit, share or add it to your website

Edit image

Imgur allows you to crop and resize your images or rotate them. Advanced tools offer even more possiblities to edit your image. You can add text, draw inside the picture or add nice looking effects. The usual brightness, saturation and contrast settings are also available.

Edit the title and description

To share and organize your picture it is best to give it a unique title and description

Share your image with the community

Why keep your nice pictures to your own. Share them with the community and let other rate and comment your latest gem. The top rated images are featured on the main page.

Add the image to an album

To keep all your pictures sorted create albums for your images. Once you have lots of images uploaded it becomes easier to keep track with the help of albums. You can share these albums with like-minded people

Add image on your website or blog

Yust copy the html code where ever you want. Your website, blog or forums